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Elmo Froemke, Owner
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To us, sustainable building considers:

Environment – A big part of construction can actually be de-struction. When we start your remodel, we’ll consider options to preserve and re-use the elements already available in your home, minimizing what we send to landfills and reducing the energy expended on demolition. When items must be replaced, we source healthy, durable and preferably locally-made materials, such as lumber with FSC-certification, which preserves forests.

Health – we want you to live in a home that’s good for you. This means a home remodeled with minimal toxins, off-gassing and hazardous materials. We use low- or no-VOC paints, cotton insulation, and building materials made without formaldehyde.

Community – We use local businesses and craftsman whenever we can. We like to support our neighbors and fellow sustainable businesses.

Design – We love homes that integrate indoor and outdoor spaces. Our designs incorporate nature’s elements (sun, shade, breezes, water) to create a comfortable climate year round. Solar tubes increase inside lighting; low-e windows allow in all of nature’s beauty while keeping harmful UV rays at bay, windows and doors positioned to allow cross breezes.



new floor

floor before

We convinced the owners to refinish the existing fir sub floor instead of purchasing
a pre-finished floor product.

denim insulation

Ultra-Touch denim insulation is a recycled and healthy alternative to standard fiberglass insulation.

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