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Elmo Froemke, Owner
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Project 2:

Full Kitchen Remodel

Scope of work:

Replace cabinets and countertops, tile backsplash, update lighting, re-finished floors, new energy efficient appliances.

Green elements:

•  Cabinets re-used from another location

•  Recycled countertops

•  Upgrade window to double-paned,
low-e window

•  Replaced fiberglass insulation
with cotton

•  Low VOC-paints used

•  Energy efficient lighting

How we made it more green:

Since this was a design-build project, we had the opportunity to incorporate all of our green elements from the start of the project.

remodeled countr


old kitchen





old kitchen


“I have used Geco for large remodels and small repair projects. Their work is professional and orderly, and I learned that it didn’t cost much more to go green. I especially appreciated Elmo’s clear communication about timelines, work changes, and finances. It was very comforting to know what he expected of me and what I could expect of him and his crew. Elmo is passionate about green construction, and was very generous in educating me and sharing some of his vast knowledge and resources.”

– Katherine Revoir, Mill Valley, CA

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